About Us

We are located at Miami, FL

We are off of University and 30th, between Ray and Grim.

We also have 1000 sq.ft of studio space for rent (various classes such as dance, yoga, mediation, and theater can be taught and taken here). Call or email for more information.

Please feel free to contact us here or by calling:
619.818.3767 or


 Our Staff

Our mission here at GYROTONIC® SAN DIEGO is to allow people to learn to move with freedom through the latest in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, GYROKINESIS® and other movement modalities. We believe that life has a rhythm and that rhythm leads to movement and that movement is the key to life. When we lack rhythm and movement our bodies begin to stagnate and that is when injuries or something more extreme occur. We want to offer individuals a place where they feel safe to move and grow not only on a physical level, but a mental and even perhaps a spiritual level.

GYROTONIC® SAN DIEGO also wants to offer current and future instructors a place to grow and learn. We want to support and offer current instructors here in San Diego a place where they can continue their education and knowledge. This is includes Pre-Trainings, Foundation Courses, updates, specialized equipment certifications, and hosting GYROTONIC® Master Trainers from around the country.

Whether your a brand new student or an experienced trainer, young or old, male or female, GYROTONIC® SAN DIEGO had something to offer to you. We are a place where individuals can discover their own personal strength and carry that throughout their lives.